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  1. 19-11-2019
    • Press Release

    Partnership: Avy & Medical Drone Service

    Avy announces its partnership in the MDS consortium as its technological partner. Together we will explore the use of drones for medical services in the Dutch healthcare system.

    Avy VTOL drone for Medical Drone Service
  2. 11-07-2019
    • Life at Avy

    From Dream to Drone

    Pi, Avy’s founder goes back to where it all began. He reminisces about what inspired him to start this adventure, how he got a team together and shares our fuck-ups and successes along the way.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone
  3. 10-07-2019
    • EU regulations

    To infinity and BVLOS

    Everything you need to know about flying BVLOS, the measures needed to guarantee risk mitigation using the SORA framework and how these will disrupt the drone industry.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone over tulip fields
  4. 04-07-2019
    • Life at Avy

    Me, 2 engineers and a trailer full of drones

    Ben our CTO, looks back on his travels through South Africa when testing our Avy wing drone, the insights he gained on poaching and the beautiful wildlife he saw on his journey.

    Rhinos and Avy van in South Africa
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