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  1. 21-10-2020
    • Press Release

    Avy completes successful test flight with first Dutch solar drone

    In collaboration with Wattlab, solar panel specialist, Avy has manufactured a fixed-wing drone equipped with custom solar foil to absorb and reflect more sunlight.

    Avy Aera solar VTOL drone
  2. 17-09-2020
    • Press Release

    Avy joins WeRobotics as technology partner

    Avy becomes technology partner of WeRobotics and Flying Labs. An exciting partnership with a common goal: accelerating the positive impact of humanitarian, health, development and environmental solutions locally.

    Avy Aera VTOL medical delivery drone BVLOS flight Rwanda
  3. 16-09-2020
    • Safety

    Safe & Reliable Operations

    Part 2 of our Safety Series dives into Avy’s operations and the integration of the Avy Aera with Auterion’s software. With a guest piece by Auterion, we also explore the operational mitigations and risk assessments conducted by Flight Ops.

    Avy VTOL drone pilot with ground station operation
  4. 09-09-2020
    • Safety

    Safe & Protected

    In our final edition of the Safety Series, Part 3 delves into data protection and the protocols put in place at Avy. With a guest piece by Auterion, we explore why data is gathered during first response operations and how it’s protected in accordance with GDPR standards.

    Avy Aera drone for emergency services
  5. 09-09-2020
    • Safety

    Safe & Sora

    After winning the safety award at the Lake Kivu Challenge, in a three part series we dive into the reliability of our Avy Aera drone and what that means for the team. Part 1 explores the FMEA, SORA and Safety by Design principle adopted by Avy and the team's overall commitment to safety.

    Avy pilot with VTOL lifesaving wing drone
  6. 21-07-2020
    • Press Release

    Avy receives EIC Accelerator grant of 1.4million€

    Avy is recognised for its future proof innovation and receives EIC Accelerator subsidy grant of 1.4 million euros, to help with expanding experience and expertise within Europe.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for healthcare logistics and emergency services
  7. 16-07-2020
    • Emergency Services

    Drone-in-a-box solution for first responders

    Avy takes part in Drone2Go, a collaborative project initiated by 5 national first responder organisations searching for a drone-in-a-box solution. In our first demo, we take on the challenge of deploying a VTOL fixed-wing drone out of a box.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for emergency services
  8. 27-05-2020
    • Healthcare Logistics

    Medical Delivery Drones in the EU

    We dive into the challenges that are currently faced in healthcare logistics, exploring the purpose of delivery drones in the medical field and developments within the EU.

    Avy medical VTOL drone for Medical drone service
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