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Cookie Policy

Online privacy cookies

Welcome to the Avy website ( Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that gathers information that makes navigating our website easier and optimizes your visit. These cookies are sent to your device when you visit our website. They serve to:

  • Customize the size of the site and content to your device
  • Analyze visitor behavior (anonymously), to optimize your user experience
  • Show you relevant ads or stop showing them on third party websites

We think it's important that you’re in charge of your online privacy, which is why we want to be transparent about the cookies we use and what we use them for.


Which cookies do we need your permission for?

Avy uses cookies to improve your site performance, facilitate social media sharing and offer ads tailored to your interests. We don't need permission for functional cookies and analytical Google Analytics cookies. However, we’d like to get your permission for other cookies like social media cookies, third-party cookies, or advertising cookies. We only place these after your permission, which we’ll always ask for your consent through a pop-up shown during your first visit. You can choose to adjust your preferences in your cookie settings, found in your browser settings. Another option is to delete your cookies. You’ll find more info at the bottom of this document (check the chapter's Browser settings or Delete cookies).

When you disable the cookies in your browser it might happen that our website or certain parts will perform less than you’re used to.


Functional cookies

To provide you with an excellent user experience on our website, we offer different functionalities with accompanying cookies:

Analytical cookies  

Analytical cookies enable us to measure the performance of our website. These stats show us the number of visits on our website, what information visitors are looking for and the most popular pages compared to the least viewed. From these cookies, we can optimize the website and make it more user-friendly. These stats are anonymized and cannot be traced on a personal level. We use a Google cookie to track these data and Google Analytics to perform and analyze among other things, the following measurements:

  • Keeping track of the number of website visitors
  • Tracking the duration of the visit
  • The browser and device data like operating system and screen size


Advertising cookies

We use cookies to promote our company through online ads. We try to target these ads to be as specific and relevant as possible to each user’s experience. Your internet search behavior is reflected in the type of banners shown to you on (publisher) websites. To make this possible, your search entries are indexed from these (publisher) websites and stored in a third-party cookie. We also measure the source of external websites from which people visit our website. For example, when visiting our site through a paid Google ad, a Google cookie will be placed in your browser. This is needed to trace and pay for the ads. These cookies enable us to:

  • Track which ads you already viewed so you don't see them too often
  • Track how many visitors click on ads


Seeing as not all our ads rely on cookies, it may still be possible to see our ads online when you turn off cookies.


Social media cookies

When you share a blog post from our website on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we can not prevent those sites from placing a cookie. We’d like to make you aware of the statements on their websites Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and advise you to frequently check these.


Browser settings

If you don't want the Avy website placing cookies in your browser, adjust your browser settings. You’ll get a notification before cookies are stored. Refusing all cookies or only third-party cookies is also an option. You can also choose to delete cookies that are already placed. For each browser, device, or computer you’ll have to adjust the settings separately. Refusing cookies won't prevent you from receiving ads, the ads will simply not be customized to your interests. How you adjust your settings differs per browser:

If you want to turn off cookies from specific companies, check:


Avy’s Privacy Policy

With the use of some cookies, personal data is involved. In our Privacy Policy, you’ll read our internal guidelines for handling (personal) data.


Who is responsible?

Avy’s website is managed and owned by Avy BV, Donauweg 21, 1043 AJ Amsterdam. For questions please contact us at