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The ultimate BVLOS drone

Avy's best-in-class technology offers the fastest VTOL drone solution on the market, seamlessly integrated with a charging station and cloud software for outstanding autonomous operations during emergencies, inspections or for drone deliveries.

Avy Drone Network

Avy BVLOS Drone Response Networks are autonomous, remotely monitored and easily deployed. Our self-flying VTOL technology is designed to save lives, preserve nature and to create attractive business cases for our customers.

  • The only VTOL-from-a-box
  • The most autonomous system on the market
  • Extremely fast response times & Low operational costs

Avy Aera

The Avy Aera is the market leading VTOL fixed-wing drone for BVLOS flights. It takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter before transitioning to the efficient flight of a plane by leveraging its wings.


Faster by autonomy

Select a destination (or let your software do it via our API) and Avy is airborne within seconds.
The aircraft flies itself while avoiding other airspace users to get to the desired location faster than any other solution.

All weather

Our aircraft flies in heavy rain and harsh sunshine, in blistering cold or sweltering heat, withstanding winds of up to 30+ knots, being one of the most resilient and adaptable VTOL+Fixed-Wing drones.


Avy Network

Pairing the Avy Aera with the Docking Station in the Avy Drone Network ensures the vehicle is consistently on standby, charged and ready to deploy within seconds.

Multiple payloads

The Aera is adaptable with two distinct payloads – the AirCare Medkit for cooled medical transport and the AirAware Camera for increased situational awareness. The aircraft also fits other custom payloads.

Urban deployment

Avy's onboard parachute is the ultimate failsafe. The independent parachute trigger mechanism ensures that even in the case of a full loss of power, a bird-strike or any other major incident, people on the ground will be safe.

Cloud connected

Safely accessed through securely encrypted VPN cloud connections via mobile and/or satellite link, all equipment enables fully remote operation, cloud-based fleet management and over-the-air updates.
  • Response time <30 secs
  • 100km range (up to 160km with Avy Range Extender)
  • 1.5 hours flight time
  • 140 km/h max speed
  • 8 L/ 3KG payload 

  • Triple redundant safety design
  • LTE 4G/5G + Satellite communication
  • Onboard parachute 
  • Rainproof and 30+ knots wind resistant 
  • EASA certified for BVLOS flights over populated areas

Request Specifications

Receive a detailed technical specification-sheet for the Avy Aera

Avy Docking Station

Docking Station

Ensuring immediate deployability, our Docking Station triples as a landing pad, shelter and charging station – an all-in-one hub for effective drone operations. This enhances response times for emergency services and guarantees shorter delivery times for vital medical payloads.


Precision landing

With the help of RTK GNSS the Aera has centimeter level accurate positioning data to land precisely on the Docking Station.

All-weather shelter

The Docking Station is designed to keep the drone safe in all weather conditions. The station is equipped with heating and cooling systems to ensure the drone stays well within its ideal operating temperature.

Fast charge

The automated fast charge capabilities in Aera and the Docking Station ensure the vehicle is always on standby, charged, and ready to be deployed in a matter of seconds. After a mission, it takes less than 60 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%. 
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AirAware Camera

Avy offers two highly capable cameras with day and night sensors, stabilised video footage, zoom features and various smart camera modes - the Nighthawk 2 and Raptor from NextVision.


AirAware Cameras

  Nighthawk 2 Raptor
Zoom 20x optical zoom + 2x digital zoom 40x optical zoom + 2x digital zoom
Resolution RGB: 1280 x 720
IR: 640 x 480
RGB: 1280 x 720
IR: 1280 x 720
Modes Object tracking
Coordinate holding (fix on GPS coordinates)


Avy & UNFPA & Botswana Ministry of Health

AirCare Medkit

The AirCare Medkit is made for sensitive and fragile medical payloads and features cool packs made of Phase Changing Material (PCM), a temperature sensor and a user-friendly display. It is designed to have enough space for medical deliveries such as blood bags and tissue samples, transporting them according UN3373 requirements.

AirCare Medkit

AirCare Medkit

The insulated AirCare Medkit maintains your sensitive medical cargo at a stable temperature for 100 minutes. It has been designed to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 40C° and will maintain the cargo within a range of 4C°. 

The integrated temperature sensor enables the user to review the temperatures to ensure that the correct range was maintained throughout the flight.