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Avy aera flying by Amsterdam Central Station

Monitoring & Inspection

Early detection of hazards and threats 

Avy Drone Network for monitoring and inspection

Asset owners often grapple with timely hazard detection, such as emerging fires, damaged infrastructure or malfunctioning equipment. Meanwhile, regulators wish to detect non-compliant troublemakers – be it persons, vehicles, or ships. The solution for their needs is up in the air.

Why wing it when it comes to inspecting your assets and monitoring for incidents or hazards? Give your vigilance wings by letting our drones conduct scheduled and autonomous flights to give you an aerial view of your environment. 

Large coverage
Cover a vast area to save travel time to and from locations
Stream visual info
Stream live video to inform monitoring and inspection decision-makers
Centrally operated
Monitor locations around the world from a centralized operations center

Our use cases

The Avy Drone Network steps in to streamline monitoring and inspection. It performs numerous flights without the delays of getting a drone and team on-site. Additionally, when integrated with an emergency response network, it can offer backup support when the primary network is overwhelmed or unavailable. This way, your eyes in the sky are open 24/7.