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Fire brigade with fire and fire truck

Emergency Response

Deploy in seconds, arrive within minutes

Avy Drone Networks for emergency response

Meet the earliest first responder to arrive at the scene: the Avy Aera is always ready to give your team an instant birds-eye view on a situation. As this drone loiters at the scene, it keeps a watchful eye on emergency personnel, while providing real-time feedback on the operation’s progress. 

When an emergency calls our drone to the scene, it makes every second count. It arrives within minutes to deliver vital information, enhancing your ongoing operation’s effectiveness. It has proven indispensable for incident commanders at the dispatch center for coordinating the operation and scaling deployment in real-time.

Network Coverage
Whether regional or nationwide, there's always an Avy drone nearby, standing by for action.
Rapid Response
After deployment the Avy Aera cruises at 100 km/h directly to the scene.
Eyes in the Sky
Live high-resolution imagery helps first responders to streamline dispatch operations.

Arrive first at the scene