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Healthcare Logistics

Air bridges for medical cargo


Avy Drone Networks for healthcare logistics

Avy drone networks connect hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities in a fast, reliable and sustainable way. Equipped with specifically designed temperature monitored cargo boxes, Avy drones transport medicine, blood, vaccines, tissue samples and other precious cargo with precision. 

Avy Drone Networks revolutionise healthcare logistics by cutting the cord on expensive on-site facilities. With less personnel and more streamlined operations, the overall cost of delivering healthcare takes a nosedive – all without sacrificing top-notch service. Drone operators help laboratories, blood banks, and wholesalers to spread their wings with Avy and expand their geographical coverage while guaranteeing timely delivery.

Move fast

Cover a 60 km distance in 50% less time due to straight-line delivery and zero traffic. 

Reduce CO2 emissions by 98% compared to today’s road transport.
Stay cool
Transport medical goods in cold chain conditions within a 4°C temperature range. 

Healthcare systems are in trouble

Throughout Europe, healthcare services are in a perfect storm. They face skyrocketing demand after decades of budget cuts, forcing them to merge and centralise. However, due to ongoing urbanization, roads are getting clogged. How do we continue to get healthcare services to the right place at the right time?

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