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  1. 24-05-2021
    • Press Release

    Drones for Health Project

    Avy becomes drone partner in Drones for Health project initiated by MoHW, UNFPA & BIUST to accelerate reduction of preventable maternal deaths by delivering medical supplies and commodities.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone performing BVLOS flights in Botswana
  2. 18-05-2021
    • Press Release

    Avy & Robotic Skies partnership

    Press release announces Avy partners with Robotic Skies to service growing fleet and contribute to quickly advance growth initiatives on a global scale.

    Avy partners up with Robotic Skies to service growing fleet
  3. 08-04-2021
    • Client Case

    Transforming Dutch healthcare with the Medical Drone Service

    In this client case, we explore the logistical challenges experienced in the Dutch healthcare system and the possible solution to these being the Medical Drone Service. We ask how it’s been working with Avy and what their vision is for medical drone deliveries in The Netherlands.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for Medical drone service
  4. 08-03-2021
    • Life at Avy

    Celebrating Women’s Day: Uplifting women in tech

    With Women’s Day finally here, we keep the conversation going and choose to challenge the men from Avy about their views on women in the tech industry, questioning them whether they’ve experienced gender inequality and what they think women bring to the workplace.

    Avy lifesaving VTOL drones for good ladies
  5. 03-03-2021
    • Life at Avy

    Women's Wednesday: Meet our Internal Ops ladies

    We wrap up the last edition of our Women’s Wednesday series with our Internal Ops ladies. We explore their views on gender equality in the workplace and what it means for women to lift each other up.

    Avy VTOL lifesaving drones HR manager
  6. 24-02-2021
    • Life at Avy

    Women's Wednesday: Meet our Marcom ladies

    Our Marcom ladies dive into the theme of this year’s Women’s Day: #choosetochallenge and what that means for them as they share their thoughts on what can be done to empower women in the workplace.

    Avy VTOL lifesaving drones Marcom ladies
  7. 17-02-2021
    • Life at Avy

    Women's Wednesday: Meet our Tech ladies

    We get our Tech ladies to share their experience about how they became engineers, who their role models are, and what advice they would give to young women pursuing their careers in the tech industry.

    Avy VTOL drone engineer with medical payload
  8. 10-02-2021
    • Life at Avy

    Women's Wednesday: Meet our Flight Ops ladies

    We embark on a Women’s Wednesday series, in which we put our Avy ladies in the spotlight through to find out about their experience when it comes to being a woman in the drone and tech industry. We take off the series with Renee and Sara from our flight ops team.

    Avy VTOL drone pilots with flight drone cases
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