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  1. 01-02-2022

    Tech Tuesday: avionics of the new Avy Aera

    Our Tech Tuesday blog series puts our tech team in the spotlight and highlight their contribution to the development of our new Aera drone solution.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for emergency services
  2. 18-01-2022

    Tech Tuesday: design of the new Avy Aera

    We kick off a Tech Tuesday blog series to put our tech team in the spotlight and highlight their contribution to the development of our new Aera.

    Avy Aera long range drone
  3. 01-12-2021
    • Press Release

    The launch of a new Aera

    Avy launches a new Aera and with it, the world's first Drone Response Network for VTOL fixed-wing drones.

    Avy Aera long range drone
  4. 11-11-2021

    Collaboration between Avy and Port of Rotterdam

    Avy collaborates with Port of Rotterdam to support the Port Authority’s goal to make the port safer, smarter and faster with long-range drones.

    Avy Aera drone for Port of Rotterdam
  5. 07-09-2021
    • Press Release

    Partnership between Veluwe forest fire committee and Avy

    Avy partners with the Veluwe forest fire committee and enters new phase of the project with the goal to optimise the routes of the Avy drone to automatically recognise and detect wildfires.

    Avy Aera with Veluwe forest fire committee for wildfire prevention
  6. 01-09-2021
    • Press Release

    Partnership between North Holland Safety Region, Avy and CHC

    Avy partners with North Holland Safety Region and CHC to test how drones can contribute to fighting wildfires as well as searching for drowning victims along the dunes and coast of North Holland.

    Avy Aera for wildfire prevention in dunes
  7. 18-08-2021
    • Safety

    Safety procedures when operating BVLOS

    Using a recent test flight for Drone2Go as an example, we dive into the different failsafes of the Avy Aera and our contingency and emergency procedures. By linking theory and practice, we share how the Avy Aera performed safely according to design.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone at Drone2Go
  8. 05-07-2021
    • Client Case

    Future-proofing Botswana healthcare

    In this client case, we explore the logistical challenges that come with last-mile delivery of lifesaving medical products in Botswana because of its size and sparse population. We dive into the Drones for Health project being the possible solution to these and proving that the Avy Aera can be a faster means of reaching rural communities.

    Avy Aera BVLOS flight in Botswana for Drones for Health project
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