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  1. 27-07-2023

    Introducing: Remote Operations

    We are excited to share a game-changing milestone at Avy that makes on-site operators no longer necessary. With the technology in place and successfully addressing regulatory challenges, we are now reaping the benefits of our efforts. Lets dive into the details of this achievement!

    The first remote flight from the AOC
  2. 23-05-2023

    Avy and Delivrone's Successful BVLOS Demo Flights

    Avy, in collaboration with the ambitious drone operator Delivrone, successfully conducted BVLOS flights as part of a demo to showcase the feasibility of drone medical delivery in France. This collaboration between Delivrone and Avy, with their shared vision of revolutionizing healthcare logistics, marks a significant step towards creating a meaningful impact in the industry.

    Avy and Delivrone at Le Havre
  3. 16-05-2023

    Revolutionizing the Port of Rotterdam: Avy's Journey to Greater Autonomy

    In 2021, Avy started their collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam. The goal? To support the Port Authority’s aim to make the port safer, smarter and faster with long-range drones.

    Avy at Port of Rotterdam
  4. 23-12-2022

    How does Avy deal with safety and why is it important?

    Flying an aircraft comes with risks, and with a mission to save lives and do good, we value keeping those around us safe from preventable accidents. To do so, we apply very strict technical and operational rules. In case an accident does happen, we immediately start to investigate the occurrence and determine both the root cause and potential future risks to Avy and our clients’ operations.

    Behind the scene at Avy
  5. 07-12-2022
    • Press Release

    Avy joins the WildDrone consortium

    As of January 2023 Avy will join the WildDrone consortium. This consortium will recruit a total of 12 doctoral candidates (PhD candidates). One of the PhD candidates will join Avy to optimize the drone noise profile for the duration of the project.

    Avy joins the WildDrone consortium
  6. 13-07-2022

    Avy enters long term partnership with Fundashon Mariadal

    Avy forms long term partnership with Fundashon Mariadal to support their ambition of increasing wellbeing, while supporting economic and knowledge growth on Bonaire with an autonomous drone network.

    Fundashon and Avy collaboration VTOL drone healthcare logistics in Bonaire
  7. 31-05-2022
    • Client Case

    Future-proofing healthcare logistics in Benin

    In this client case, we explore the logistical challenges that come with last-mile delivery of lifesaving medical products in the Atacora region of Benin. We dive into drones being the possible solution to bridge this gap and prove that the Avy Aera can be a faster means of reaching rural communities.

    Nurse handing over medical goods transported with Avy Aera VTOL drone
  8. 08-04-2022
    • Press Release

    Collaboration between Avy and the Dutch Police

    Avy collaborates with the Dutch Police on a pilot project investigating how long-range drones can be used for different types of emergencies.

    Avy Aera long range drone
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