Drones for good

Our BVLOS Drone Response Network saves lives, cuts costs and eliminates emissions.

Today’s lifesavers urgently need ways to get an incident faster. Avy’s fully electric VTOL drone response network offers emergency services a fast, affordable, and reliable solution for their missions,.

Increased flight time & range

Due to her unique design, Avy is able to fly up to 10 times as long, as far, and as efficiently (compared to conventional drones).

Permitted to fly BVLOS

Avy's technology is designed in compliance with EASA regulations and is therefore permitted to fly long-range BVLOS flights over populated areas.

We love to tackle your challenges mid-air

  1. For vaccine delivery, blood sample transport, medicine shipment and other urgent healthcare deliveries.

  2. For situational awareness that helps fire brigades and other emergency services in their effective response to incidents.

  3. For people in need who are disconnected from healthcare due to disasters or limited infrastructure.

Partnerships for good

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Fly with us

If you believe that drones can benefit your organisation, our collaborative journey starts here.

Client case

  1. 09-03-2021

    Medical Drone Service

    Read about how the consortium originated, the logistical challenges in the Dutch healthcare system and where they stand with medical drone deliveries in The Netherlands.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for Medical drone service