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The ultimate VTOL drone

Respond to incidents and disasters and automate inspection and deliveries using the Avy BVLOS Drone Network

Airborne within seconds
Autonomous flight
BVLOS Certified

Avy Drone Networks

Time is critical with emergencies. Avy's technology is used by Fire Fighters, Police, Ambulance and Search and Rescue operators to deliver support within minutes. Our VTOL Drone-in-a-Box is the fastest system on the market and is certified for autonomous BVLOS operations. 

About our solution


Avy offers outstanding technology
and the features match exactly with
what we need. Avy is our trusted
technology partner and has a very
knowledgeable and friendly team.

Niels van Roon CHC | multinational helicopter operator


Recently, we had some talks with
two of your competitors. I really
slept great that night, knowing that
we chose you as our supplier.
Thanks for being our partner!

Simon PrentLead Drones Dutch Emergency Helicopter Services ANWB

Flying together