Last-Mile Medical Delivery

Around the world, one billion people are disconnected from healthcare often due to limited infrastructure. Rural areas can be difficult to reach, especially after disasters when help is most urgent. How can we deliver healthcare to people in need? By simply lifting it off the ground.

Avy Aera VTOL medical delivery drone BVLOS flight Rwanda

Last-mile delivery drone

Our drone with temperature-controlled payload quickly delivers medicines, blood and vaccines without them going to waste, independent of infrastructure conditions. Our “flying multitool” also comes in handy when collecting samples or distributing sterile surgical equipment to local clinics

Together with our partners FlyingLabs and WeRobotics we have found a way to deliver aid during disasters like earthquakes and virus outbreaks. With our rugged technology and our ability to act quickly, we are willing and able to help out and create a positive impact.

Last-mile medical delivery 20 km BVLOS flight

The Avy team was in Rwanda for the Lake Kivu Challenge, a flying competition organised for VTOL drone manufacturers and operators to help advance the safe implementation of drone solutions in the Lake Kivu Region.

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  1. No roads required

    Air travel means no more worries about congested roads, flooded areas and other geographical barriers.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone performing BVLOS flights in Botswana
  2. No runways required

    Since our drones take off and land vertically, they don’t need runways or big helipads to access remote places.

    Remote landing  Avy VTOL medical delivery drone Botswana
  3. Powered by locals

    We train local pilots to create jobs, build local capacity and empower them to independently use drone technology.

    Nurse with Avy VTOL medical delivery drone Botswana

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