Drone network

A drone, alone? Better link it to our network of integrated products. For their net worth is more than the sum of their parts.

Avy Aera VTOL drone, docking station and fire truck

Our network: Easy as ABCD

The Avy Aera is our flagship drone, which operates from its station, the Avy Dock. All is remotely controlled by the Avy Base and linked through the Avy Cloud, completing our drone network as a fully integrated solution.

What's up, Dock? It's the Aera.

Here you can see the Avy Aera and the first generation of the Avy Dock in action. This setup was developed for monitoring incidents and providing real-time information to first responders, allowing the Aera to reach an incident as quickly as possible, to assess the situation and to provide real-time data for the first responders arriving at the scene.

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Integrated solution

  1. Avy Aera

    Our flagship aircraft combines the best of a drone, a helicopter and an airplane. This allows it to fly 10 times further, longer and more efficient than conventional drones.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for healthcare logistics and emergency services
  2. Avy Base & Cloud

    Avy’s cloud-based software enables operators to plan, monitor and control flights from a central location. Integrated airspace and weather data provide maximum safety and efficiency.

    Avy mission control centre
  3. Avy Dock

    A state-of-the-art docking station ensures that the aircraft is always standby for immediate deployment. Its autonomous capabilities eliminate the need of manual set-up and piloting.

    Avy docking station v1
  4. Payloads

    A medical payload module for ISO-certified, temperature-controlled transportation of medical goods, as well as a first response payload to deliver high-resolution video streams and thermal imagery.

    Avy drones for good Payloads v1

Fly with us

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