Emergency Response

Everybody knows the mantra: ‘In case of an emergency, stay calm.’ For first responders we might add ‘stay calculated.’ As life-threatening fires and traffic accidents progress, it is vital that firefighters and other emergency personnel know how to best respond. That’s where we come in: we fly over.

Avy Aera VTOL drone

The Avy Medkit

This insulated box is made for sensitive and fragile medical payloads and features cool packs made of Phase Changing Material (PCM), a temperature sensor and a user-friendly display. With a spacious volume of 4L, it is big enough for emergency medical deliveries such as blood bags and tissue samples, transporting them according to UN3373 and UN1845 requirements.

The Medkit was developed in conjunction with our partner Sanquin (blood bank). Taking urgent healthcare logistics as the main focus of this solution, we’ve developed a complete kit with a large capacity and integrated sensors for immediate assessment of the cargo.

Avy Medkit for urgent healthcare logistics

Keeping it cool

  1. 1

    Uninterrupted cold chain

    The insulated Medkit maintains your sensitive medical cargo at a stable temperature for 100 minutes, in an ambient temperature up to 40°C, preventing wasted goods or false diagnoses.

  2. 2

    Instant assessment

    Made for urgent healthcare logistics, the Medkit is a stand-alone payload with an integrated temperature sensor, allowing the user to log whether the temperature was kept within limits during flight.

  3. 3

    Practical design

    The reusable cool packs in the ruggedized box are stored in the same fridge as blood products, smoothly integrating into your existing workflow.

  4. 4

    Trial & Tested

    The Medkit was developed, tried and tested in close collaboration with our healthcare partners Sanquin, Certe and Isala.

Fly with us

Contact us if you need to control the temperature of your medical cargo.