Emergency Response

Everybody knows the mantra: ‘In case of an emergency, stay calm.’ For first responders we might add ‘stay calculated.’ As life-threatening fires and traffic accidents progress, it is vital that firefighters and other emergency personnel know how to best respond. That’s where we come in: we fly over.

Avy drones for good Flight  Ops  team
Just Culture

Good people

‘Drones for good’ can only be realised by good people. People who have a feeling for teamwork, a passion for our purpose and sky high ambitions to make it happen.

Good people also know when to stay grounded, how to overcome challenges together, and when to celebrate successes. Like one of our wise but not-so-old colleagues once said: “Working at Avy is like organising a party to save the world”.

Dream big, work hard, but don't forget to drink a beer at the office bar afterwards!
Sander van den Berg, Mechanical Engineer

Life at Avy

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Interview Series

  1. Women's Wednesday: Meet our Flight Ops ladies

    With International Women’s Day approaching,  we have decided to put our Avy ladies in the spotlight through a series of interviews, to find out about their experience when it comes to being a woman in the drone and tech industry.

    Avy VTOL drone pilots with flight drone cases

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