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Fly with us

Full-service customer onboarding

Without in-depth knowledge of your unique challenges, our proposed solutions are still up in the air. In our five step onboarding programme, we'll work together to improve your business case, train pilots and achieve regulatory approval. You could have your first approved flights up and running within the year!

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1 Optional: Flight demo (1 day)

Let us start by giving you a live demonstration of our products, the capabilities and for example the software used. Online or in real life.

2 Proof of concept (1 month)

You'll gain first-hand experience in five test flights over a one-month period, resulting in a reported Proof of Concept for regulatory approval and (internal) stakeholder alignment.

3 Type training (1 week)

In this phase, at least two pilots receive hands-on type training, including drone theory, operational setup and basic maintenance.

4 Proof of Operations (6 months)

Here we take the time to scope and practice our mission with Avy's unique all-in service: maintenance, technical and regulatory support towards CAA approval.

5 Commercial Operations (for good?)

A lease contract for multiple aircraft is signed with customised services provided for real-life missions under a viable business model.

Let us get to know you

Shall we talk about our journey ahead? Then let's start with some basic info... Our sales team will get back to you soon!