Our purpose

Let’s face it. Drones often have that bad rep due to inhumane military use. We believe that by developing drones for lifesaving missions instead, we can bring aviation to new, sustainable heights. We believe in drones for good.

Avy Aera VTOL drone for Medical Drone Service

From saving lives to uplifting lives

Drones aren’t just here to stay, they’re here to save us. Starting with blood shortages, wildfires and other life-threatening situations. Once they’re developed and deployed in larger numbers, they’ll start propelling us towards liveable cities and circular economies.

Ultimately, drone technology will uplift our lives in ways that are still hard to imagine. But this one vision on the far horizon is plain to see: the aerial transportation of humans. See that flying car over there? We’re working on it, by saving lives first.

The way out is the way up!
Patrique Zaman (Founder & CEO)

Race for impact

  1. CO2 emissions saved

    If our business grows as projected, we will have cut 2 Million kg of CO2 by 2025

    Avy VTOL drones for good firefighting thermal camera drone forest flight
  2. Patients helped

    Together with our healthcare partners, we aim to serve 1.9 million patients by 2025.

    Avy BVLOS medical delivery drone
  3. Land degradation reduced

    We can’t really put a number on future disasters. But it’s safe to say that, in any event, our drones help prevent further destruction of nature.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for firefighters

Protecting nature reserves: Rapid detection of wildfires

With departments of the Dutch Fire brigade, we're investigating the use of drones for rapid detection of wildfires to protect large nature reserves. With our thermal camera the fire was quickly detected. Our emission-free drone passed the noise pollution criteria and blended into her surroundings with her birdlike figure.

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Founding story

  1. 11-07-2019

    From Dream to Drone

    Pi, Avy’s founder goes back to where it all began. He reminisces about what inspired him to start this adventure, how he got a team together and shares our fuck-ups and successes along the way.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone