Client case: Medical Drone Service

Avy Aera VTOL drone for Medical Drone Service

Care at the core

The core business of hospitals, labs and pharmacies is taking good care of patients. In many cases, this involves logistics like bringing medicine from point A to point B. This sounds simple, but is quite complex and time-consuming in reality. What if healthcare services could be unburdened with their logistical challenges?

Medical Drone Service animation

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Towards partnership & roles

The Medical Drone Service was started as a joint initiative between ANWB and PostNL to investigate how drones can deliver healthcare at the right time, at the right place. The roles are clearly defined in the consortium:

  • Avy is the drone manufacturer
  • ANWB MAA is the drone operator that develops and executes drone operations
  • PostNL is the logistics provider
  • Medical partners Erasmus MC, Isala hospitals, Sanquin and Certe are the most important stakeholders in the project. They help with developing this new service and give input on the different medical problems that can be solved with drones.

Through this consortium we show the government the added value that comes from using drones for healthcare and allow healthcare professionals to focus on their patients and provide them with the care they need without having to worry about the logistics.

Our partners

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  4. Sanquin Partner Logo
  5. Isala Partner Logo
  6. CERTE Partner Logo

What our partners have to say about Avy

"Avy understands the challenges and supports us with an attractive deal, with which we can explore drone flying. Avy thinks behind the drone: starting with the process, exploring how organisations work and what kind of products stakeholders would like to transport."

Steps towards MDS operations

  1. Collaboration

    "Last year we did a lot of work with Avy to understand our way of working. We must work together with all stakeholders and the authority to push drone flights forward."

    Avy BVLOS medical delivery drone
  2. Training pilots

    "The training was good, we feel safe knowing their pilots are competent and know the system. We get the feeling that Avy really listens to us by addressing our ideas, needs and dreams."

    VTOL drone training with ANWB
  3. BVLOS

    "The MDS is the first to do this much BVLOS flying. We completed more than 200 flights last year and have been given exemption to control the drone from a small remote control centre."

    Avy Aera VTOL drone BVLOS flight for Medical drone service
  4. Community Sensitisation

    "The MDS seeks to safely integrate drones into shared airspace. Speaking with citizens, building relationships with other air users and ensuring public acceptance is a big part of the project."

    Avy Aera VTOL for Medical drone service
We were granted exemption for a 15km route between Meppel and Zwolle. It’s unique that we’re flying between two hospitals in The Netherlands and I’m very proud of that.
Robert, Drone Operations Manager @ ANWB MAA

Medical Drone Service test flights with Avy drone

Interview with Strategic Business Developer Quirijn from PostNL who dives into recent developments happening for the Medical Drone Service.

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Future & Vision

When envisioning the future of autonomous drones in the healthcare sector, a world full of opportunities opens up. One where you can unburden healthcare professionals and bring patients the care they need where they need it, when they need it.

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