Emergency Response

Everybody knows the mantra: ‘In case of an emergency, stay calm.’ For first responders we might add ‘stay calculated.’ As life-threatening fires and traffic accidents progress, it is vital that firefighters and other emergency personnel know how to best respond. That’s where we come in: we fly over.

Avy Aera VTOL drone for healthcare logistics and emergency services

Urban delivery drone

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the sky’s huge potential for urgent delivery services. Here at Avy, only some of us are. And we’ve already proven the value of drones for healthcare logistics, where speed and reliability are of vital importance.

If your payload is under 12 kg, we can lift your urgent packages over traffic jams in the very same way. Forget about mounting driver hours in slow-moving and half-empty cars. Instead, invest in the cost-saving and self-flying aerial deliveries of the future.


  1. Faster

    Straight-line delivery and zero traffic for the shortest possible delivery time between sender and recipient.

    Avy VTOL drone amsterdam urban flight fast
  2. Cheaper

    Self-flying drones eliminate the costs associated with unpredictable road conditions and waiting drivers.

    Avy VTOL drone flight amsterdam urban central station
  3. Greener

    Fits into the city's green ambitions of reducing emissions, noise disturbance, traffic and parking spaces.

    Avy VTOL drones for good firefighting thermal camera drone forest flight

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