Emergency Response

Everybody knows the mantra: ‘In case of an emergency, stay calm.’ For first responders we might add ‘stay calculated.’ As life-threatening fires and traffic accidents progress, it is vital that firefighters and other emergency personnel know how to best respond. That’s where we come in: we fly over.

Avy drones for good urgent logistics payload

Healthcare logistics drone

When it comes to the future of healthcare logistics, the only way is up. Our drones fly between medical facilities such as pharmacies, labs, blood banks and hospitals to transport medicine, blood, vaccines and tissue samples.

The temperature-controlled drones also pick up samples for analysis from any location and perform urgent deliveries to emergency situations, while skipping traffic and geographical borders. Our drone network is fast, reliable and sustainable.

Test flights take off for the Medical Drone Service

The Medical Drone Service has started BVLOS test flights for emergency medical delivery drones between 2 locations: Isala Hospital Meppel and Zwolle.

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  1. Cooled cargo

    Transport medical goods in cold chain conditions and maintain the temperature between 2 and 8°C.

    Doctor with Avy medical payload and Avy VTOL drone
  2. Moves fast

    Straight-line delivery and zero traffic for shortest possible delivery time between facilities.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone BVLOS flight for Medical drone service
  3. Cuts costs

    Shared diagnostic facilities and distribution centres reduce costs for healthcare providers.

    Avy VTOL drone for Medical Drone Service

Client case

  1. Medical Drone Service

    The MDS was started as a joint initiative between ANWB, PostNLand Avy to investigate how drones can be used to deliver healthcare at the right time, at the right place.

    Avy Aera VTOL drone for Medical drone service

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