Emergency Response

Everybody knows the mantra: ‘In case of an emergency, stay calm.’ For first responders we might add ‘stay calculated.’ As life-threatening fires and traffic accidents progress, it is vital that firefighters and other emergency personnel know how to best respond. That’s where we come in: we fly over.

Avy drones for good Emergency Services VTOL Drone

Emergency Response Drone

In case of fire, our drone can be instantly deployed to fly over the seat of the fire. Firefighters on the ground see how the incident develops on our heat camera’s live feed, so that they can act with speed and precision.

By strategically stationing multiple drones in a grid, we can improve the situational awareness for larger areas and even prevent accidents in risk-prone zones. All at low cost, minimal noise levels and zero emissions.

Drone response network

CHC has decades of experience in search and rescue operations with helicopters and is now adding the power of Avy's drone technology. Together with firefighters of Noord-Holland, CHC deploys our long-range drones for early wildfires detection and improved situational awareness during incidents.

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  1. Eye in the sky

    Live high-resolution imagery provides a unique advantage for first responders.

    Avy VTOL drones for good live imagery emergency services
  2. Brains on the ground

    Dedicated software helps commanders in chief to detect the location of the wildfire and to quickly assess emergency situations.

    Avy drones for good firefighters info tablet
  3. Virtually no footprint

    Minimal disturbance to nature due to low noise levels and zero pollution.

    Avy VTOL drones for good firefighting thermal camera drone forest flight

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